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Things to Help You Stay Healthy as You Age for Sunrise, Florida Citizens

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Keeping your brain busy and your body healthy is essential to good health in old age. If you're a caregiver, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a senior, in Sunrise, Florida keep these tips in mind, not just to support a loved one or yourself!) stay well – but to survive – throughout the golden years.

Keep on moving. Running, swimming and chair exercises (a perfect choice when mobility is a problem) are easy-to-do tasks that will help you stay feeling good and thinking clearly. Taking an exercise class at a local gym or senior center blends exercise with social activity and makes it easier to remain involved for seniors who excel in communication with others.

Having to spend time with your family can be a challenge if you're isolated from your loved ones by distance or if busy lives make it hard for everyone to get together. However, technology has made it easy to keep in touch. Apps such as FaceTime and Skype bring you in touch with your family whenever you want, allowing you to make face-to-face contact and some precious personal time. For example, grandchildren should show you their artwork rather than explain it on the phone. Social networking is another easy way to keep in contact with loved ones.

Games can seem like a trivial pursuit when it comes to feeling intellectually involved, but puzzles, crosswords, and word games keep you thinking and learning. Reading is also an ideal way to remain mentally sharp and follow interests and passions. If you'd like to discuss what you've read, think about joining a book club. Staying active makes you less vulnerable to dementia and general mental deterioration.

Donating your time to those who need support is a socially satisfying way to remain involved and physically active. There are many ways you can actually support local charities by contributing time or personal resources. Keep in mind that a lack of mobility is not an obstacle to contributing your time. Many groups need assistance in packing envelopes, or you can volunteer by reading to children in a local hospital.

Seniors also excel in companionship with a dog or a cat. Animals are a safe and fluffy source of unconditional affection and encouragement, and it can be rewarding to take care of a pet personally. Older adults are normally less stressed and have less anxiety when they get a dog, fish, and cat, or another pet to take care of. Think of this as animal therapy.

Getting sleep is a building block for good health, no matter your age. It rejuvenates, strengthens the immune system, helps to preserve cellular health, and helps keep you mentally sharp during the day. Make sure to set up an atmosphere that is conducive to restful sleep: your bedroom should be dim, quiet, and cool, and your mattress should provide adequate support for quality sleep. If you have back pain, the type and age of your mattress are critical. Foam or memory foam mattresses tend to be the best choice because they help with lumbar support, pain relief, and body contouring. And don't neglect the upkeep of the mattress: foam mattresses will last up to 10 years if you're careful about rotating them and keeping them clean.

As we age, it actually becomes more difficult for the body to enjoy many of the benefits of nutritious foods. Vitamin supplements will help you get the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and phytonutrients that your body requires. Supplements can be particularly useful for seniors whose appetites are not what they used to be (which commonly happens with age). People usually require less energy consumption as they get older, partially because of a less active physical lifestyle. However, eating less is theoretically a lack of the nutrients required to maintain good health.

Probiotics, calcium, and vitamin D supplements are particularly essential for the elderly. The central nervous system requires vitamins B2, B6, B12, and C to aid in the metabolic treatment of dopamine and noradrenaline. The immune system may also be compromised, leaving seniors dangerously susceptible to infection and viruses.

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