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Tuesday, 01 December 2020 17:35

Is Acupuncture Safe?

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Another quite popular question I get – probably out of some sort of "needle-phobia" – is Is acupuncture safe?"

Don't worry! Not only is acupuncture safe when performed by a qualified and certified practitioner, but it has also long been known to be safer than other medical procedures, as summarized in this WebMD post. The most common problem I have personally seen with acupuncture care is a slight drop in blood when the needle is removed. Very rarely, there's going to be a bruise. Even less likely is lingering ache, and even that's almost always gone in a couple of minutes. They are all so quickly answered that they are scarcely worth mentioning except as an effort to be as detailed as possible in the response. Furthermore, acupuncture appears to focus on the holistic idea that the body is self-regulating. Western drugs offer the risk of adverse side effects that are unfamiliar to acupuncture. Healing from acupuncture therapy is healing, if only incrementally; it is not usually thought likely to have accompanying harmful consequences, and nearly all unintended outcomes are actually positive, such as better sleep or a calmer mood.

Acupuncture is highly restricted in the United States. By the time the acupuncturist inserts his first research needle, he had two years of education. They have thousands of hours of training and experience by the time they are certified. The chances of any long-lasting harm done are evasively small in the hands of a licensed acupuncturist. Any reports to the contrary are almost always related to the usage of acupuncture needles by other professions, such as under-trained physical therapists or "dry needling." chiropractors.

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